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2100 Copenhagen

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1550 Copenhagen

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2900 Hellerup

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1058 Copenhagen K

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Welcome to Brink Serviced Offices

Serviced offices - business centres and serviced offices in Copenhagen

Brink Serviced Offices offers businesses private and fully equipped office space with shared facilities for a service charge encompassing all the costs involved in running an office.

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Quick, easy, flexible and cost-efficient

Businesses achieve an instant advantage by being able to set up their offices in a short space of time under a manageable and flexible contract which is easy to budget for - with no on-account or other unpredictable costs. All standard office running costs are included in the contract.

At the same time, businesses avoid sizeable up-front investments involving management resources and immediately reap the financial benefits of access to serviced meeting and conference rooms, professional copiers/printers/scanners, catering services, fully equipped kitchens and other service areas - not least a professionally staffed reception with personalised telephone answering service.


A Brink Business Centre/Serviced Office will always be located in a professional office building at a high-profile office address in attractive surroundings. The Business Centre/Serviced Office will always be elegantly and attractively decorated with Danish and international artwork on the walls, professional reception and meeting facilities, and will be run with great expertise to help ease the working day for your business, your employees and your guests.


Our Business Centres are non-branded. This means that no Brink logos, brochures and uniforms are used. We strive to enhance the profile of each business so that our clients are able to regard our business centre and their rented office as their own. This is also the way it will appear to visiting clients and business associates.

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Brink Serviced Offices

Brink Serviced Offices has run business centres/serviced offices since 1998. With its already established client list of both Danish and international companies, Brink offers a prestigious business image combined with a complete range of office services at an attractive price - with everything on a single monthly invoice.

Brink Serviced Offices clients

Brink Serviced Offices' clients include a variety of industries and enterprises such as banks, finance companies, consultancies, pharmaceutical, IT, software, biotech, property and telecommunications companies, associations, industry organisations, government and municipal departments, investment advisors, tax advisors, funds, head hunters, venture capitalists, food industry, advertising, media, music, oil and gas, lawyers, heavy industry, etc.

Our Values

Brink Serviced Offices believes that helping our clients achieve and retain a competitive advantage is vital. Efficient and seamless office operations are an important tool in retaining this advantage.

Brink Serviced Offices understands the importance of our services to our clients, services that create and maintain their physical framework and profile in a competitive world. Companies need to focus on their core business and be flexible to stay light and agile, ready for quick realignment and only deploy resources and creativity where the greatest value can be generated.

This is why Brink Serviced Offices concentrates on training and developing skilled and efficient employees who ensure a high level of service - while striving continuously to improve office operations and facilities around our clients. This has positioned Brink Serviced Offices among the premium providers of serviced offices.

The key concepts for Brink Serviced Offices are and will continue to be:

a high level of service, reliability and quality.

Serviced Offices in Copenhagen

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Virtual offices - Best addresses in Copenhagen for a Virtual Office

The Brink Virtual Office concept is a non-branded service concept allowing businesses to enjoy all the facilities that a modern company requires from an office - without the office itself.

In this way, your business can present itself as what it is - established and serious enterprise - to clients, employees, partners and government authorities.

All this at a fraction of the cost of a physical office.

Attractive address

A virtual office means that your business achieves an attractive office with a company sign on or at our office building as well as in reception or in the foyer.

Guests and clients will be able to find their way to your company's virtual home with ease. A reception will greet them, offer them coffee and reading material if they have arrived early or if you yourself have been delayed on your way to your meeting.

Should visitors arrive without an appointment, reception will, of course, take a message in your absence.

Postal mail will be forwarded or can be collected during reception opening hours.

Telephone answering service

A virtual office concept naturally includes a professional telephone answering service with a dedicated telephone number that reception staff answer in your company's name. Reception then transfers the call to the appropriate person or takes a message which is forwarded by e-mail if that person is absent. This means that your company will never miss a call from important business partners.

Telephone calls are answered by the reception to which your company is assigned. This means that calls are answered by the same 3-4 receptionists and not by a call centre. Over time, the receptionists will get to know your business, its employees, products and services - it will be like having your own receptionist.

Regular contact and time spent in the business centre will also build up your relationship our receptionists - again almost as if you yourself had appointed them.

Meeting and conference rooms

A virtual office gives your business access to a total of 27 meeting and conference rooms as well as video conferencing facilities charged at a hourly/daily rate for two up to 90 people in a meeting or conference room at four addresses in Copenhagen: Rådhuspladsen 16 and Havnegade 39 in the centre of Copenhagen, Ørestadsboulevard 73 in the centre of Ørestad, Lyngbyvej 20 in Østerbro and Business Park Hørsholm, an address in the centre of Hørsholm.

We offer our virtual office clients particularly advantageous rates for the above meeting and conference rooms as well as for our video conferencing facilities.

Other services and office facilities

With a virtual office, your business also has access to advantageous rates when using our copiers/printers/scanners, purchasing office supplies and secretarial services, etc.

Brink disclaimer

To maintain the image of our business centres, Brink reserves the right to reject companies if Brink find the business in question unsuitable or if the company before signing a virtual office contract does not correctly complete the information required by Brink.

Meeting rooms in Copenhagen - Book a meeting Room in Copenhagen now !

Brink Meetings is a meeting room and conference room concept offering a wide range of options for the hire of meeting and conference facilities at four different locations in Copenhagen and Now also many brand new meeting rooms in Hellerup and Lyngby, to suit almost any meeting and conference requirement.

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24 meeting rooms

Brink Meetings has 24 meeting rooms and conference rooms at its disposal with a total capacity of 377 seats. The size of the meeting and conference rooms varies from meeting rooms for two to 14 people to very large presentation and teaching facilities.

Go directly to discounts on Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms for Office and Virtual Clients.

Brink Meetings offers the following meeting and conference options:

  • Traditional meeting rooms for 2-14 people
  • Board, negotiation or presentation rooms for 14 people
  • Conference rooms and meeting rooms which can be set up in a boardroom, horseshoe, school or cinema formation with a capacity of 10-90 people.
  • One special board or negotiation room with private lounge

Click here to view Brink Meetings meeting and conference room locations.

Fully equipped meeting rooms and conference rooms

Included in the meeting rate:

  • High-speed wireless Internet connection
  • Whiteboard
  • Flip chart
  • Conference telephone (talktime not included)
  • Screen
  • Rostrum or lectern (only in selected locations)

Optional equipment:

  • Projectors, free-standing or fixed
  • Microphone and sound
  • Video conferencing (see section on video conferencing)


Tailored solutions

Although we meet most requirements with our meeting and conference rates and packages, there will always be times when we need to tailor our services to specific meeting or conference requirements. In our meeting and conference planning we strive to meet all our clients' meeting and conference requirements.

We, of course, offer our serviced office and virtual office clients great discounts on our meeting and conference room rates as well as on our meeting package prices. Please contact us about your meeting and conference requirements and we will provide you with a quick and competitive quote.

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Brink Serviced Offices

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